MedTech CEO & investor meeting

How to create a medtech valley in Belgium?

MedTech CEO & investor meeting


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You’re a CEO, board member or investor and you are concerned about the future and a thriving Belgian medtech valley, register, and join us !

We kindly invite you to the first meeting of “Medtech & the road to home market success”.

As you know, there are many options to have your medical device solution financed: by the patient, the healthcare professional, the healthcare institution (using the hospital budget) or by a reimbursement through NIHDI. Following questions will raise:

Is there a chance that your final solution will be reimbursed? How rough is that road? How fast will your technology find its way into real implementation? How far away are we from a thriving medtech Valley in Belgium where home-grown medtech companies can be successful in their home-market?

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Suggested next steps (to be confirmed on October 3rd):

On November 23rd, Brussels: Establish a full day workshop with the committed CEO’s, board members, investors to come up with a remediation plan.

December – February: Translate the remediation plan into a White Paper endorsed by the Belgian medtech ecosystem.

Present the White Paper to policy makers on the MedTech Meetup and Galenus Award of March 14th, 2024, three months prior to the elections, with the goal to have elements in the new Governmental after May 2024.

Initiative from beMedTech (the Belgian federation of medical technologies) together with Medvia, BioWin, MecaTech,

Lifetech Brussels (the regional clusters) and supported by Imec.istart, COVARTIM and the VOKA Health Community


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Date et heure
mardi 3 octobre 2023
14:00 17:00 (Europe/Brussels)

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Linving Tomorrow

Indringingsweg 1
1800 Vilvoorde
--Linving Tomorrow--

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