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HealthTech Investor Summit

Connecting European HealthTech Entrepreneurs and Investors

Welcome to the HealthTech Investor Summit, the first European conference dedicated to bringing together healthtech development companies, clusters, enablers and investors.

The HealthTech Investor Summit promotes a holistic and global vision of healthtech innovation, with a focus on integration. We recognize that to achieve breakthroughs in healthtech, we need to break down geographical, technological, financial and regulatory barriers. 

That’s why our conference is designed to facilitate knowledge-sharing, networking and collaboration that will assist inovercoming these barriers and driving forward the field of healthtech. Join us at the HealthTech Investor Summit to be part of the future of healthcare innovation.

Info & registration

Date et heure
lundi décembre 04, 2023
Commence à 09:00 (Europe/Brussels)
mercredi décembre 06, 2023
Fin - 18:00 (Europe/Brussels)

Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre

Sint-Maartensbilk 1
8000 Bruges
--Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre--
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