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Advanced Therapies Summit 2023

Unleashing the Potential of the Belgian ATMP Sector | Hybrid edition

No single organization possesses the knowledge, resources and capabilities required to bring affordable, advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) and breakthrough healthcare benefits to patients worldwide. Collaboration between public and private stakeholders across the ‘quadruple helix’ - academia, industry, government, patients - is a critical success factor if the promise of moving from ‘care-to-cure’ is to be realized.

Belgium is widely recognized as having a rich and dynamic ATMP sector, possessing the key ingredients needed to become a global leader in the advanced therapy domain. The goals of this summit are to highlight the country’s unique resources and capabilities, and to showcase some of the current developments in the cell, gene and tissue-engineered therapy domains, as well as with key enabling technologies and manufacturing infrastructure. The major challenges faced by developers of advanced therapies will be highlighted, drawing on experience of other ATMP hubs in Europe as to how gaps may be addressed in the Belgian ecosystem, sometimes cited as being too fragmented to fully realize the country’s potential.

With speakers from within Belgium and across Europe, the summit will bring together an audience of over 250 public and private stakeholders – medicine and academia, industry, government and regulators, as well as patient representatives - in what is expected to be a major event in the 2023 calendar.

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Date et heure
jeudi octobre 19, 2023
08:30 18:30 (Europe/Brussels)


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